Friday, November 4, 2011

My Fall Garden

Right now we have some beautiful lettuces growing out back in our garden.  These are some of the last few items I have growing before I close my garden down for the winter.

Life got busy and I was late getting my fall crops started from seed, so I won't harvest all I had planned.  This was my fennel a few weeks ago, which, as you can see is quite small.  While fennel will last through pretty cold weather, they definitely won't be big bulbs. We'll just be harvesting small ones, and that's okay.

I only have a tiny little bit of spinach coming up...unfortunately the spinach just didn't sprout well.  On the other hand, I have about a dozen beets coming up that I never planted.  These were dormant seeds that didn't sprout earlier this summer when I did plant beets...something about the weather now triggered their growth I guess.  They are golf ball sized right now.

There are some last nasturtium leaves still tucked it here and there, which we will throw in with our lettuces in our salads.

The escarole is growing well.  It probably won't make it to a good head size for stuffing, but if not, we'll at least use the leaves in soups and salads.  Young escarole leaves can be used very similarly to spinach.

My jalapeno pepper plant and basil are both still going strong.  Soon I will strip the basil plants and make and freeze several batches of pesto.

I think by the end of the fall I'll make it to just about $500 worth of produce harvested this year.  That still just blows my mind!  (Remember, I am a novice gardener and I have just one 4x8 ft garden plot plus 10 pots on my patio.)  Once everything is harvested, I will prepare the garden for winter. After the new year I will start planning next year's garden.  As I formulate my plans, I will be sharing them with you, and I hope you'll join me in gardening next spring. 


  1. Hey Christy!
    Thanks for posting all this stuff, i am learning a lot! Would you mind letting me know what you do to prepare the garden for winter? I've pulled up all my plants, is there anything i should do for the soil?


  2. Yes, winter is a good time to help replenish the soil. Add a bunch of manure and/or compost over your garden bed. Then break up and turn over all the soil--aim to dig about 1 foot deep when you do so. This is what I did last year. You can also plant a cover crop of winter rye grass, which you then you turn under in the spring before you plant. I haven't yet tried this, but it is supposed to be a great way to condition your soil. I'm sure there are other things you can do as well, but I am really pretty new to gardening, so I don't know any more yet.