Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Food Tip

I am often asked what I feed my babies.  That could be an immense series in and of itself--and perhaps one I'll tackle at some point--but I thought today I'd just share with you one tip. 

With my previous two children, I steamed, pureed and froze baby food for them. I'd normally make about a month's worth at a time, freezing it in glass pyrex containers.  It only took about an hour, and it worked great. I was planning on doing the same for our baby daughter.

But this time I haven't yet done that. Instead, I've been taking our table food (in this case, steamed carrots and buttered brown rice), adding a bit of water and pureeing with the immersion blender.  It's quick, easy and requires no other prep work because she's eating what I've already prepared for us. An immersion blender can blend a small amount, which is convenient when Baby is not eating much or when you want just enough for a meal or a few days.  It's kind of like using those baby food grinders, just waaaay easier and it works far better.  You can make a very smooth puree or a chunkier puree in literally just seconds.

If you don't have an immersion blender, buy one!  It is one of my most used kitchen tools--this is the one I have.  Immersion blenders are inexpensive, small (can fit right into a drawer), and they have the easiest clean-up imaginable.  Just pop of the lower half and rinse or run through your dishwasher.  I have one immersion blender that I use solely for making natural lotions and our sunscreen.  And then I also have the one I use in the kitchen for food. 

Here are some of the ways I use my "food" immersion blender:
-like I just mentioned, to make baby food
-to puree hot soups right in the pot
-to puree homemade applesauce
-to make a single serving smoothie
-to mix salad dressings
-to blend sauces.

I don't own a lot of kitchen gadgets, but this is one I use often and highly recommend.

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