Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fermented Foods

If you are looking to add probiotic cultured (fermented) foods or drinks to your diet, take a look at this recipe for a very simple cultured orange "soda" drink that my sister Jessica posted on her blog yesterday.  There are many recipes for cultured foods and drinks that are actually quite simple to prepare, just like this drink made from freshly squeezed orange juice. 

There is also a new book about cultured foods that just came out this month called "The Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods," by Wardeh Harmon. Wardeh is a whiz at cooking and baking, including baking with sourdough and fermenting.  She is a part of the Nourished Living Network, a group of food bloggers I recently joined.  I haven't yet read her book, but I am hoping to purchase a copy soon.  From what I know of Wardeh and her extensive blog (I've read from it for years), I am confident her book will take the mystery out of fermenting food and leave you with some simple, delicious recipes your family will enjoy. 

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