Friday, August 17, 2012

A simple dinner.

We have been enjoying our tomatoes from our garden.  Just the other night we had one of our favorite simple summer dinners: tomato sandwiches. 

Two slices of bread, thick slices of tomato, fresh basil leaves, and blue cheese.  Delicious!  My hubby and I love the tangy bite of the blue cheese with the sweetness of the tomatoes, but our kids prefer plain cheddar. Creamy chevre (a very mild goat cheese) is also perfect for this sandwich, or of course the classic mild mozzarella is a winner too, if you're not a fan of the stronger cheeses.

Tomato sandwiches make a very quick, simple and budget-friendly summer dinner.  A loaf of homemade bread is inexpensive.  Fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden are free (or should be able to be bought from a local farm fairly inexpensively). The only significant cost is the cheese.

I often pair these sandwiches with carrot sticks and cucumbers or a small green salad, keeping with the "no cooking required" theme.

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