Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keep watch!

Keeping a close watch on what's in my fridge, using up food before it goes bad, utilizing remnants--all these things help me to keep to my budget.  Remember food = money.

Every time you throw food away, you're throwing away money--money that could have been spent elsewhere or saved. That's not to put a guilt trip on you! None of us are perfect. I'm guilty myself of throwing away food. Just this week I threw out a hunk of roast beef leftover from dinner that had sat and sat...and sat, and I had failed to use. Ugh!

My point is to be more conscientious. Think before you pitch, or rather think before you HAVE to pitch. If you find you're throwing away food, try jotting down each item as you throw it out.  At the end of the month, tally it up.  You might be surprised.

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