Friday, December 7, 2012

The Holiday Season and the Great Sugar Deluge

It seems as soon as Halloween arrives, the sugar begins.  As if it's not around enough as it is on a normal basis, suddenly it's everywhere.  And sometimes the barrage is near constant. 

I'm not opposed to holiday treats, and yes, my kids have actually been known to enjoy a candy cane or two near Christmas.  But I find I have to wisely navigate this season, allowing treats (and enjoying them!) but not allowing them to overtake us. 

Be intentional. 
I am intentional when it comes to holiday sweets.  Intentional to keep the focus off of sweets at home.  Intentional with the treats I allow my children to enjoy.  Intentional with the treats I choose to make for my family. 

We are offered so many treats during December wherever we go, so I try to not make very many here at home.  I focus on making yummy foods we love that are not sweet.  But we do have our traditions that we sisters, Mom and I normally spend a day making Christmas cookies together.  We have some traditional family favorites we love to make, but we also try to include a low-sugar recipe or two (like shortbread or rugelach), and we tend to keep the cookie size small.

In our home we do a daily advent where the kids pull out a Jesse Tree ornament each day, and in some of the cones, there are a few small surprises tucked inside as well.  Sometimes it is a chocolate coin, but I primarily come up with non-sweet a Christmas movie with Mom & Dad that night, or new Christmas pencils for school.  Fun things my kids will enjoy.

For more tips of navigating the festive sugar overload without being a grinch about it, here's last year's post with more ideas, and below are a few yummy recipes we love that are special (don't make 'em everyday) but aren't sweet:

Cheese Pretzels (sourdough version, regular version)
Nutmeg Flips (I'm sharing that recipe with you soon!)
Pancakes (sourdough, regular)--while we make pancakes regularly, I will add special items I don't typically add, like dark chocolate chips (lower in sugar) or cherries.
Crunchy Cheese Twists
Skewer dinners or snacks
Ham & Potato Chowder
And I always order a big box or two of these--the yummiest "clementines" ever!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm always amazed by the amount of sweets that enter my life this time of year.