Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cost Comparison

I recently caught a few minutes of the show Restaurant Impossible. The host Robert Irvine was showing the restaurant owner a cost comparison. He set up several of the food items that she served in her restaurant that were packaged/frozen foods and alongside them he set up the same foods made fresh from scratch.

The price difference? Each fresh item came out to be just about half the cost of the packaged item. Half! Irvine's point was to show this woman how to save a bundle on her food costs.  And Irvine also emphasized how much better the freshly made items taste over the packaged versions. I was excited to see that particular cost analysis done.

Are you looking to cut food costs? Pitch the prepared/packaged/processed foods and opt to make it yourself. You'll likely do so for half price...and you'll be serving yourself some better tasting, healthier grub to boot!

1 comment:

  1. We RARELY eat packaged foods. Hubby usually cooks from scratch. Last night it was pasta with pancetta and fresh tomatoes and onions. YUMMY! Frankly, we don't like all the preservatives and other JUNK in packaged foods.